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We offer you our brokerage services on these pages. We have been assiduous in our care. Nevertheless, we are unable to accept any liability for the accuracy of the information provided by the property owner or landlord and contained in the offer. We are also unable to guarantee that the property will remain available when accessed by you. The contents are confidential and only intended for the recipient; hence, you are neither permitted to disclose the offer nor details contained therein to third parties without our consent. The recipient shall otherwise be liable to pay our commission (broker's fee) in the event of sale or lease. A brokerage contract shall come into force when you make use of our services, irrespective of whether you make contact with us or directly with the owner, landlord, current tenant or other parties. The amount of commission you shall be liable to pay will be based on our agreement, and otherwise on standard industry practice. You will only be liable to pay the commission if a contract for the property comes into force. You shall remain liable, irrespective of whether we participate in the conclusion of this contract. The commission is payable upon conclusion of the contract, irrespective of whether we participate in the conclusion of this contract. You consent to our activities on behalf of your contractual partner, also. The recipient shall no longer be entitled to assert that he/she had already received information concerning a certain property from a different source unless he/she provides us with notification within a period of two weeks following receipt of our information that the information we sent in regard to the property in question had already been received, and from whom. We are obliged to inform the recipient of the significance of this arrangement when the period begins. The place of jurisdiction for registered businesses is Hamburg.