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We manage the following types of property:


  • homeowner associations & strata title
  • apartment buildings
  • mixed residential & office buildings
  • commercial properties
  • retail properties/specialist retailers
  • property portfolios

Our management is always based on a requirements profile prepared and consistently updated in cooperation with the owner or the owner's representative. This profile can be as detailed as the customer wishes.


We also provide a system of continuous customer reporting and hold regular status quo meetings. It is entirely at the discretion of the owner to define their personal level of involvement.


We ensure absolute transparency and honesty in our dealings with the owner. What is purposeful? What is necessary? What is doable?


Our answers to these questions always consider each individual property and owner. We do not adhere to off-the-peg concepts or dogmatic plans of action. Our employees possess outstanding qualifications and experience, and are certain to identify just the right, specific solution. The latest changes in legislative requirements are always taken into account here.


Naturally, KLUXEN & CO. Immobilien maintains accounting and business practices that satisfy any standards placed in a forward-looking property management firm. Our carefully selected network partners assist in the technical management of the properties.
Homeowners will experience the same degree of diligence as an institutional investor. We make every effort to remain focused on the requirements of the property in question and on the needs of its owner.

Our careful selection of network partners and our at all times honest appraisal of what is feasible help us to consistently uphold this standard. Our qualified and seasoned employees and the hands-on approach that our management takes to handle challenges as they unfold, contribute to our level of service.

We remain in ongoing dialogue with the property owners – whether they are condominium owners, their representative committees, portfolio managers or classic apartment blocks proprietors – to prepare a specific requirements profile that serves as a basis for the actual management.

This structure permits suitably personal support. The direct involvement of the partners in our firm – a fully qualified lawyer and a master of business administration – ensures immediate consideration of the constantly changing legislative requirements (new legal and energy efficiency regulations, for instance).

We are committed to our role as a fair business partner in our dealings with tenants, also. Naturally, we offer the highest standards of transparency here, for instance in the utility bills.